Trying to Lose It

My Never Ending Weight Loss Journey

01 Feb

astorablaze said: Do I have to make my bed if I am just going to go to sleep in about an hour anyway?



Since I have started making my bed I have noticed that it has helped me keep the rest of the bedroom unfucked. I take a quick look around to see what else needs to be done while I’m in there and just do it. The mountain of laundry hasn’t reappeared, I can see the top of my dresser and it’s no covered in dog hair and dust. It only takes about 10 minutes for me to do instead of the 30-40 minutes that it took when I would let everything pile up.

05 Dec

What Should I Eat??

In the last 11 months I have lost 19 pounds. While I’m happy to be lighter than I was a year ago, I still feel like I could have lost more. Even though weight loss is a basic calories in/calories out equation, I believe that a lack of a structured eating plan plays a big factor in it. I noticed that when I had everything planned out I felt better and lost weight at a steady rate. When I played it by ear and ate what I felt like having I would stall out even when staying within my calorie goal.

Now that I am ready to get back on track with my food I really want to stick to some kind of plan. The only thing is which one? I’ve spent the last 30 minutes browsing at books online and there are so many ideas. Do I go Paleo? Should I try to Master my Metabolism? Follow the Skinny Rules? Cycle my Carbs? It can be so overwhelming!

Thank goodness for the library and Google. I’m not going to drive myself crazy reading a bunch of books but I am going to do a bit of research and come up with something solid by the end of the week. After that it’s writing out a meal plan that will take me to the end of the year. Then I just need to stick with it.

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03 Dec

The Great Basement Unfucking

Cleaning my basement has been a very long process that has taken three years to complete. When I moved back to my home state in 2010 I also moved back a hoard that belonged to my ex-husband. I had hoped that his family would help me go through it and take what they wanted but it didn’t quite work out that way. I sorted through everything and set aside things they wanted and put the rest in the basement. They ended up taking a van full of things but the remainder went into the basement where it remained out of sight out of mind.

Recently my boyfriend who lives in a different state asked me to move in with him. That was enough motivation to get down there and prep everything to be hauled off. I wasn’t about to move the baggage from one relationship to another.

This is the pile that I ended up with. It took a lot of 45/15’s and about two weeks to accomplish:

I was unable to get all of this out myself (the furniture had to go too) so I ended up calling a hauler to come pick it up. This actually helped in more ways than one since I knew they were going to sort it and recycle/donate what they could. I had a lot of guilt thinking this was all going to end up in the landfill and in the beginning had a very hard time just tossing things into my pile. There was a lot of trash in this pile that should have been thrown out years ago but my husband was unable to let anything go, including a box of newspapers from the mid 90’s. It’s not all of his stuff though. I would say about 25% of this was mine.

The haulers came and went in 20 minutes. It cost a few hundred dollars to have them come out and take it but it was worth every penny.

After I took this picture it took one 20/10 to sweep and mop.

20 Nov

Back at it (tumblr that is)

Originally I started this tumblr account as a way to document my weight loss. Instead I ended up using it as a way to follow other users.

I joined Weight Watchers and they had a blog feature on their website but it was not very user friendly and was very basic and limited. Once I cancelled my membership I was no longer able to blog on there.

While in the process of leaving Weight Watchers I joined MyFitnessPal. I have been on there ever since. Unfortunately I have fallen off of the wagon and have gained back 8 of the 25 pounds I have lost. The good news is that I have lost since I started losing 11 months ago. Other awesome stuff:

1. I had an aha moment with my exercise routine and amped it up with a Bootcamp Class. Cardio is great but strength training is just as important.

2. I started running again and completed a 5K in October.

3. I am 17 pounds lighter than I was a year ago.

4. I came to the realization that it is more important for me to feel good and be comfortable with myself rather than meet a scale goal set up by someone else (like Weight Watchers).

5. I can work your butt off as much as I want, but until I get things under control again in the kitchen I’m not going to continue to make progress (which explains the 8lb gain in two months).

So now I’m back at it and using tumblr as another tool to help me stay on track.

27 Sep
15 Jul rupaulsgirlssay:

“Eat it!”
Latrice Royale, Season 4 Contestant


“Eat it!”

Latrice Royale, Season 4 Contestant

11 Mar


I’m just so mad right now. I’ve always considered myself to be a somewhat decent friend. I’ve always been there for people and have taken the time to listen to what they tell me and remember what they tell me. It’s really frustrating not to get the same in return.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend and was getting really frustrated because I had to correct her on so many things. First she thought I was taking diet pills, then she thought I had gotten weight loss surgery. Then she tells me (without even knowing or asking how much I weigh or how much I have to lose) that I’m being too critical of myself and need to stop dieting. What had happened was that she got me confused with several other people.

Now I don’t expect friends to remember every detail of my life, but to get confused on something as drastic as surgery? To not even remember the name of the man I have been in a relationship with for over two years? I’ve been friends with this person for over 8 years now. She says that she gets confused easily sometimes, but with what she gets confused on I wonder if it’s really coming from a lack of interest of being a friend. It’s sad, but I’m thinking that the friendship came to an end awhile ago and I’m just now realizing it.

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04 Feb

I should set my alarm to play “Crazy in Love” and learn how walk down the hall like this when I wake up in the morning!


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31 Oct

Last Day

Tomorrow I begin my journey to get these last 30 pounds off. I hope I am ready for this. I also hope that enough trick or treaters come by and get this candy so it’s not around to tempt me. I have already kind of put a dent into it.

When I wake up tomorrow I will be getting on the scale to get my official starting weight and measurements and to take my before pictures. I might post them on here depending on how brave I am feeling. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I’m excited to be getting this weight off, but at the same time I am nervous about any struggles and plateaus that will come along with it. I just hope I am strong enough to stay on track and reach my goal. Something else that I am hoping to achieve through this is a more positive way of thinking. It really doesn’t have anything to do with my weight, but how I feel about myself as a whole. I think a lot of what is wrong with me is my negative way of thinking.

I decided that I don’t want to use any kind of diet pill while doing this, but I’m looking into green coffee. It seems to have a lot of good benefits along with helping with weight loss. I’m not sure if this would count as a diet pill or just a supplement to help but I think it’s something worth looking into.

As far as exercise goes, I was looking into joining the local YMCA but the price is out of control. I’ve decided to stick with my original exercise plan for now and once the next semester of school starts I can join the gym there. The price they want for membership for 16 weeks is the same price that they want at the Y for one month. I’m also going to look into joining a class at school as well, I just need to wait for the Spring schedule to come out to see what they are offering.

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29 Oct

Strength In Numbers

Recently one of my Facebook friends posted that she wanted to start a weight loss group as a long term challenge/support system. Starting November 1st we will start our journey to getting ourselves ready for next summer. Nine months seems like a long time, but I’m sure it will go by fast. I’m really hoping that it doesn’t take that long to lose these 30 stubborn pounds (I’m actually aiming for spring) and once I reach my goal I will focus on maintaining and toning, and of course attempting to make my butt a little (ok, a lot) bigger.

I’m excited to have this support. Granted I can do this on my own, but having people to cheer me on and the motivation of cheering others on will make a big difference in this journey.

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